Callow Ruscoe is a craft beer bottle shop and bar in Fulham, London. In an industrial setting with art, music and culture enjoy hundreds of different high quality beers, ciders and wines from around the world in a friendly and knowledgeable environment. With seating and taps in addition to the cans and bottles you can drink here or take home, we don’t charge corkage on anything. Good times.

Modern culture, progressive beer.



Londoner at heart, Matt’s career led him to creative industries, working with music, content production and publishing using technology from web to mobile and from AI/VR to blockchain, with great beer and culture as a passion. Realising this was the wrong order and wanting to build a new life working for himself, the bottle shop ‘Callow Ruscoe’ was born. The desire to be card of a community, provide the best quality in beer, cider and their endless varieties, placing people at the shop’s heart. Happiness follows.


Alex comes from a background in contemporary art, specialising in curating and exhibition history. Long-time follower of the good beer trail, he worked at The Rake, Clapton Craft Forest Hill, Moor Vaults and The Bottle Shop Bermondsey. Last August, he helped brewing and releasing Brick Brewery‘s first Saison ‘Je Ne Saison Quoi’. After that, he spent some time taking interviews from brewers across the globe which prompted him to launch his personal beer blog: drinkingwithyourhead.com.

Modern culture
progressive beer